Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rumors: Early Reports: RI Tram Being Permanently Removed in 2009

As the Roosevelt Islander reported Wednesday there was a Town Hall meeting scheduled for Thursday evening regarding the fate of the Tram in light of future maintenance and possible overhaul. I could not attend as my wife was out with friends and my kids have an early bedtime. On her return to the island she ran into friends who supposedly attended the meeting.

As she entered the apartment the first thing she told me is that "they"plan to permanently stop the Tram in 2009 due to operating costs etc. My first response was that it will never happen. She then backtracked and said she was told about some sort of vote etc. Putting aside that residents would never vote the tram out of existence, we could not survive with just the subway station. Without alternatives we are shooting ourselves in the hip.

I am hoping the Main Street Wire delays its scheduled Friday printing / stuffing so that Dick Lutz gets the actual story into print without our waiting two weeks for the next issue. We all know The Wire would not miss being at that meeting. Don't start e-mailing Steve Shane just yet.

I wanted to be there to video tape it but just coud not be. I am assuming RIOC taped it and it will webcast soon on their site HERE as it is listed on their webcast page.

I don't want to start spreading rumors but for "news / rumors" to start that fast for a meeting that just happened you got to wonder what happened down there.

If this is true the real estate values of all those Riverwalk Buildings will take a hit. And long term the idea of building residential buildings where Goldwater is without added transportatation infrastructure is a pipedream.

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  1. if you think 'lack of infrastructure' ever stopped a real-estate deal, you haven't been living in the US too long.

    they'll build em. they'll just sit half empty the SECOND year - the year everyone who found out you couldn't get off the island moves out!