Friday, October 19, 2007

In the Paper - Main Street Wire - 2007 Oct 20


The headlines of the current issue being delivered this afternoon, and available on-line currently, are as follows:

>RIOC Board Votes to Pursue Possibility of Dual Tram System
>Trouble Finding Parking? On a Small Crusade, Islander Says Too Many Get Illegitamate Free Ride
>Islanders Take to Blogs
>Children’s Book Has Island Setting
>Photos: fall for Arts
>The Encampment Visits Island Past

I am assuming this blog and the Roosevelt Islander are both mentioned in the above listed blog article but as my Adobe file is not working at the moment I will live in suspense until this evening.

blog article picture


The blog article, was written by Jami Bernard, and features a great profile of the Roosevelt Islander (the public learns his first name) and touches upon this blog and a few other Island related blogs including the RIRA blog, the My Space Roosevelt Island blog, as well as Island Cats and a couple of the building based sites which are each really simple website as opposed to blogs.

I was taken aback by Jami's characterization of my posting a promo poster "on a lamp post" (which is a RIOC no-no) when it was on one of the poster kiosks (the big fat round cement tack boards). Apparently "lamp post" was supposed to be substituted out at a later point but it fell through. It happens ...but I admit I felt like I was labelled a criminal. I got over it.

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