Thursday, October 18, 2007

Increased Subway Service? Not for the F

Transit Museum - F Train - Toy Train

Yesterday the MTA announced increased service for both the L and 7 lines. What about the F? Yes both the L and 7 deserve and need more trains but the F as it travels into Manhattan from Queens must be recognized as running at capacity and worthy of some assistance.

Transportation to and from Roosevelt Island is one of the number one issues in my mind this island faces. With new construction started or planned for five addittional buildings the current crowds are only going to increase.

Yesterday I met a woman who was scheduled to view an apartment on the island. I mentioned that while all the buildings have pluses and minus the feature I would definitely factor into her decison is the commuting distance to the subway or tram. Waiting times at our bus stops and at each station will only increase until the subway service is increased. And when the tram is offline...well we remember Summer 2006 all too well.

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