Monday, October 29, 2007

NYT City Room Posts about Haunted Roosevelt Island

The New York Times City Room blog tonight published a post titled “Answers about Haunted New York”. Kate Davey, “the co-founder of the Web site findingDulcinea … and is an expert on the tales and legends of New York’s paranormal history, is taking questions from City Room readers this week of which one of the first questions addresses the haunted history of Roosevelt Island.

Bet you did not know that the play The Tap Dance Kid was about a family of dancers from Roosevelt Island and the story includes a visit to the “kid” from his ghostly grandfather encouraging him. The Times blog post also addresses the real life ghostly encounters known to many Octagon residents as well as several other claims and ghostly accolades accorded the Island.

Check it out at this LINK.

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  1. the only thing scary about the octagon is the rent.