Wednesday, October 10, 2007

RI Movie Connections: “Reign Over Me”

In the 2007 movie “Reign Over Me” one of the two central characters, Charlie played by Adam Sandler, has lost his family in the 9/11 tragedy and as a result loses himself. Per an article published online Monday 10/8/07 on the Fox 4 Kansas City website:

The Goldwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island, formerly known as Welfare Island, set the scene for Charlie's brief incarceration. A two mile long island in the East River between Queens and Manhattan and directly below the Queensboro bridge, Roosevelt Island looks out to the Manhattan skyline but, again, from a different point of view than the one most commonly seen in films.”

Movie - Reign Over Me - Promenade

I have not watched this movie as the topic, for myself and many New Yorkers, is still too raw to watch on film but am intrigued by the premise of an individual being incarcerated at Goldwater. I am assuming the movie changed reality and altered how Goldwater operates in the City hospital system as to my knowledge you can’t be committed there for psychological reasons. Has anyone seen the movie and can elaborate how Goldwater is utililized in the story?

The above still photograph is from the movie and shows Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler on the Roosevelt Island promenade facing Manhattan. Based on the photo this appears to be just South of the 59th Bridge somewhere near Goldwater Hospital.

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