Friday, October 5, 2007

Seeing The Encampment with Kids

PA050149_Facing UN v1

We took the kids down to Southpoint to see The Encampment. I think the highlight for them was playing with their flashlights. We found the sight of all these tents pretty cool. We were disappointed that the illumination of the tents was not brighter and to be honest some of he installations within the tents we did not get. Others were not exactly cheery but then again they were not supposed to be as they are commemorating the prisoners and the those sick enough to be brought to this island.

The kids became bored but also amused as they kept running around the various tents in the half light that existed in the park. But overall we felt it well worth the Red Bus ride down to Southpoint and to have fun wandering around the tents and enjoying the view.

Links to New York Times article 10/6/07 and slideshow

PA050172_Facing UN v2

Each of the above photos is my own. I was not an easy place to photograph when you are an amatuer. I took two videos and each is too dark to show here until I figure out how to lighten / brighten them up.

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  1. I thought they could have done a lot better with this. Some of these tents looked like they were a poor excuse for a halloween hayride exhibit. Some of them seemed like they were trying to be deep, but winded up being corney. It was a cool sight though.