Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Directional Decals for Roosevelt Island? I Don’t Think So

Surface Decals - Cropped

Like many New Yorkers I have to admit to occasionally coming out of a subway and not being sure which way I need to go. So when I saw the news stories today about the above directional compass decals they are testing I had to agree it might be worthwhile in parts on Manhattan. Living on or visiting Roosevelt Island however means you should never worry about getting lost.

Main Street runs North to South and if you go too far East or West you need to have your swim suit on as you will fall over the sea wall and land in the East River. Maybe someone should design a version of the decal just for fun and post them by the Tram and Subway to see the reactions.

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  1. I think it is still a good idea to point out what way is north and what way is south. Since RI is so small maybe just a sign on the street somewhere will do to tell how to get to certain locations.