Monday, January 7, 2008

Giamatti Flick - Another Roosevelt Island Supernatural Horrow Show?

Movie - Giamatti Film - Cold Souls

According to a member of the crew working on the film currently being shot on Roosevelt Island , starring Paul Giamatti, the film's title is "Cold Souls". This info was reported on the Octagon residents website.

According to the above website image the film "Cold Souls" involves some sort of laboratory / clinic where you can be "relieved" of your soul for a period of time. I guess the filming that was done at the Octagon is appropriate based on the site's history as a former NYC Lunatic Asylum.

I wonder if the filimng this past Saturday in the Tram involve some great confrontation between Paul Giamatti and the lead bad guy in the film? Maybe Stallone reprised his "Nighthawks" role and flew in with a helicopter to rescue / provide aid to Giamatti. Maybe Jennifer Connelly's upstairs neighbor's soul ("Dark Water") was in storage as well.

All I can say is Roosevelt Island does not need another horror / supernatural genre film to further place it in audiences's memories as a place for wackos. Will I watch the film when it is released based on the above info. You betcha!

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