Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If NYC Secedes from NY State, Where Does That Leave Roosevelt Island?

For those New Yorkers (State and City) that do not already know Roosevelt Island while geographically part of New York City is not governed by NYC but by a New York State Authority created for that purpose. In fact NYC leased out the island to NYS for 99 years and will not get the land back until 2068.

If NYC secedes from NYS, as proposed by Queens legislator Peter Vallone Jr. and reported in today’s
NY Sun, Roosevelt Island would be an island leased by NYS sitting within another State’s boundaries.

If NYC secedes would Island residents rise up and overtake RIOC and the PSD declaring our loyalty to NYC? Could we count on the NYPD to storm the Island supporting our cause, to be freed from the British, I mean NYS, and reunite us with our City brethren?

If we are left as a colony of NYS sitting alone in the East River would Island residents need to pay interstate tolls upon leaving the Island? Would our children be able to attend NYC schools? Would NYS have to send in NYS Police, replacing the PSD, to patrol our Island if the NYPD would not have any jurisdiction on our shores?

NYS would probably try to create toll booths in the middle of the Queensboro Bridge trying to charge NYC residents a toll for crossing over NYS land.

I guess any chance of getting a second NYC subway station would out of the question.


  1. Why not join Independent Long Island (ILI)? These NYCers are all talk anyway, and ILI is already recognised as a separate nation. Not kidding!

    Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini

  2. Not that it will happen, but there would be hundreds of questions like these about how to disentangle NYC from the State. Maybe we should ask Vallone. I'm sure that beyond seeing an opportunity to get some media attention, he hasn't thought about it at all.

  3. That's why his proposal is to create a commission to study secession. Guess he has actually realized there will be complications, but you'd know that if you took an actual look at what he's doing"