Monday, January 7, 2008

Five Weeks of Subway Disruptions for Roosevelt Island - Out of Five Total Weeks

Subway Advisory - 2008_Jan12-Feb4_CountGraphic

The fun just doesn't stop. As reported last week I am tracking how many weeks Roosevelt Island residents have to endure F train subway disruptions. Well the above poster confirms that in addition to disruption week one this past weekend we are now to endure with no subway service in one direction for the next four weeks. That brings the total so far to 5 possible weeks all being disrupted in some fashion.

RIOC better start budgeting more overtime as the Tram will end up going on rush hour schedules each of these future weekends to keep the natives happy. I did not experience the loss of one Tram car this past weekend during the Giamatti film use of that Tram so I am unsure how that went. Hopefully with limited issues.

For now I will keep up the tally but this is ridiculous after most of the Summer we had disruptions we all figured this would stop until the warmer months. I guess we were not on the MTA / NYCTA's list of 2008 resolutions to stop annoying.

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  1. It's nice to see that the MTA is getting more efficient. Now they are telling us about their service disruptions four weeks at a time.