Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Roosevelt Island for Sale

For a cool $1.8 Million you can buy Roosevelt Island. Unfortunately the Tram will never stop there nor will the F Train as this Roosevelt Island is in Montana. I had known about Theodore Roosevelt Island in DC but was not aware of this Roosevelt Island.

According to the website Private Islands Online the history of the island is as follows:

"Roosevelt Island was purchased by Fredrick Roosevelt (great-great grandfather of President Theodore Roosevelt) on October 5th, 1876 for the price of $200. Fredrick farmed and resided on the island for six years along with his wife, during which time he was elected Mayor of nearby Fort Benton, Montana. He opened a furniture store which burned to the ground in 1885. After the store burned, he sold the island and moved to Armington, Montana. he resigned as Fort Benton Mayor in December of 1885. as he was then residing outside of the city limits. While in Armington, he opened a hardware store. It was there that Fredrick lived out the rest of his days to the ripe age of 85 years until passing away on Deecember 10, 1923.

It is said (although not confirmed) that Roosevelt Island was then sold to a lumber company and was the site of a saw mill. Logs were supposedly floated down the Missouri River to the island, where they would then be cut into lumber. Since that time, Roosevelt Island has had many private owners, but has remained virtually unchanged since the early 1900's.

Today, the only evidence of Fredrick Roosevelt's life on the island is exemplified by a few bricks and remnants of stone foundation, which still remain from the homes he once built there. The island is now host to a variety of plants and wildlife that thrive along the Missouri River. "

Update 2007 Jan 6 - 8:11 am

According to Teddy Roosevelt had no paternal great great grandfather named Frederick . As noted in the first comment the years cannot be correct if Teddy was born in 1858. I think Private Islands Online needs to check their history if their are using such info to sell that island.

1. Theodore Roosevelt1 [Jr.] (Theodore2 Roosevelt, Cornelius Van Schaack3, James Jacobus4, Jacobus5, Johannes6, Nicholas7, Claes Martenszen8 Van Rosenvelt), son of Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Bulloch, was born in New York, New York, New York 27 Oct 1858.


  1. Theodore Roosevelt was born in 1858. According to this, his great great grandfather died in 1923 at age 85, meaning he was born in 1838. Something's wrong here.

  2. Who says real estate agents are going to present accurate facts?

    Your point is well taken though.