Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paul Giamatti Flick Being Filmed on Roosevelt Island

The blog “Keeping up with Jonas” reports this morning that a film starring Paul Giamatti is being filmed up at the Octagon. I wonder if this is the same film that was using part of the 504 Main Street building the other day.

Per IMDB the only film they have for Giamatti that is in production is “The Owl in Daylight” According to IMDB: The life story of science fiction author Philip K. Dick, whose novels inspired such popular films as "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," "Minority Report" and includes "Owl In Daylight," the author's great unwritten novel. As I commented on KUWJ using the Octagon lobby for this film seems out of place.

Follow-Up Links:

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  1. What makes the Octagon lobby out of place?

  2. I guess it was a comment regarding the architecture of the lobby relative to the time that Philip K. Dick lived but I was mistaken as I thought he died when he was much younger. He died in 1982 at 54 years old. My mistake.

  3. I saw Paul Giamatti this morning (12-18-07) in Brooklyn Heights (Pierrepont St.)