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RIOC Board Election – Meet the Candidate Night – 2008 Jan 15

Candidate Night - Jane 15, 2008

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This Tuesday night at Roosevelt Island’s Good Shepherd Community Center, Island residents will get the chance to hear from each of the candidates and have the ability to ask questions. According to this weekend’s WIRE four more candidates have declared their intention to run. According to Matt Katz, President of the Roosevelt island Residents Association, it is expected that by election day the candidate field will swell to between 12-16 candidates from across the Island.

As of today the announced candidates include alphabetically:

Michael Carew, Fay Christian, Dimaura Cole, Frank Farance, Erin Feely-Nahem, Katherine Grimm, Adrienne Grist, Jonathan Kalkin, Howard Polivy.

As discussed in my January 7th post I now expect to video each of the candidates at this event and post the statements here and on YouTube. Matt Katz thought it best that I video the Q & A as that would give viewers a better feel for how candidates react as opposed to simply their prewritten speeches they each will give that night. This may make sense as the WIRE will be presenting all written statements in the issue issed before the election. I hope to video it all but we shall see.

During that earlier post, Sherie Helstien, Secretary, RIRA, and a member of the Maple Tree Group (MTG) corrected me and pointed out that there will be three (3) locations across the Island where residents can vote. Octagoners will have their own machine or polling station at their building, as opposed to the general primary elections, Super Tuesday where they will vote as always at Coler Hospital. Southtowners will vote in the RIOC election at 455 Main Street and everyone else at PS / IS 217.

As noted on the poster above, Island residents who are non-US citizens are allowed to vote in the RIOC Board election.

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