Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Riots in the Streets? Former World Leaders Renting at Westview?

Apparently Kofi Annan, former Island House resident, recommended Roosevelt Island to the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and we are rioting in the streets. Who knew? And I just thought some Northtowners were upset about the Red Bus schedule again.

In truth the story of Blair’s arrival and our discontent is based on an article online at The Spoof and was first published two days ago. No idea who the “reporter” is as the by-line only states Queen Mudder. I guess Blair’s borrowing some China from Buckingham before he left was not appreciated.
Note: This post originally reported by mistake that Kofi Annan lived in Westview. Thank you to the anonymous commenter who corrected my error.


  1. Kofi Annan lived in Island House, not Westview.

  2. The dumb thing is when I wrote that it did not sound right and I said to myself I should probably take two seconds to look it up. But I didn't. My apologies.

  3. THANKS for the heads-up for my Spoof story, guys.

    My family has a home on Roosevelt Island and I'm always kinda wary in case riff-raff like Blair start looking around for somewhere to doss down.

    Love your website, always checking up for tantalising snippets about the place, especially when feeling homesick!

    Adios for now and all the best,
    queen mudder