Friday, January 18, 2008

The Red Bus Series: Looking Back on Main Street

My second experience ever on Roosevelt Island after taking the Tram here in July 2005 was taking the Red Bus up the Octagon Gardens Loop by the FDNY Special Operations Command. Ever since then I have been as enamored of this route as I am of the Tram. I recall the ride North and saying who knew all of this was here and how did I get on this ride.

Where else in NYC can you travel approximately 25 blocks for a quarter. Essentially a free ride.

I believe this is my 5th posted video of the Red Bus. And I have more waiting to be posted. When you step into the Red Bus and look out its windows the Island almost does not seem real. When you head South on Main Street and just pass Rivercross and the views of the East River and Manhattan come into view, they do not seem real almost like you are looking out from a ride at a theme park.

But Main Street is very real and the reliance on these buses for every commuter is absolute on any cold Wintry or rainy day. So to the gentlemen and ladies that drive them I say thank you.

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