Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NYU Geography: Roosevelt Island sits in the Hudson River

I know it was just a simple mistake but I am sure the writer would not be thrilled by their grade in geography if their NYU professor saw the caption to the picture that accompanied the linked article. Contrary to that caption Roosevelt Island sits in the East River. I guess the Hudson River is more upscale and would help sell faculty apartments.


The photo caption was eventually corrected to the "East River". I guess my comments posted to the article were noticed. My apologies but I tend to get touchy about where our Island is placed.


  1. Quote from the article: "I think if [the NYU faculty] can expand themselves into thinking of this as more than just a bedroom community, they will find a very rich society out here," he said.

    What? With the current state of amenities on RI how can this place be anything else BUT a bedroom community?

  2. beware - you don't want nyu thinking AT ALL about roosevelt island! just look at how they've destroyed much of the east and west villages with their awful buildings and like it or lump it attitude :P

  3. Maybe with enough college types around, someone will finally open a decent bar on Roosevelt Island.