Friday, January 18, 2008

Wanted: Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds to Nest on Roosevelt Island?

I came upon a blog, RaeFried Beans, today which includes in a January 17th post artwork envisioning greater green spaces on Roosevelt Island with the hope of inducing migratory birds to make the island a pit stop on their journey to their Winter digs.

I had not heard of any such project and it appears to be an idea of the artist / Blogger based on her participation in an Audobon Society program that dealt with birds migrating that did not quite make it through glass encased cities.

I am not sure Roosevelt island residents are looking for the Island to be a rest stop for flocks of migratory geese. The ones that land on the Island already leave their marks all over the various ball fields.

Where the Trust for Public Land’s Wild Gardens will establish and create usable park land for humans out of Southpoint I am not sure interested many humans will want to fight migratory birds for their picnic spots. The concept is nice but adding green space is not so much our concern on the Island as it is to keep what green space we have from future developers of overpriced apartments.

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