Thursday, January 10, 2008

City Flushes First, Roosevelt Island Still Holding It.

Well the City has its first official “flush” according to the news release issued today. The first of the Cemusa Public Toilets has been christened. No word yet whether RIOC ever submitted an application for one of the 20 annointed toilets commissioned by NYC through Cemusa for Roosevelt Island.

Toilet - First Flush

According to the Trust for Public Land’s Wild Gardens planned schematic two public loo’s are planned. No idea if they are to be of the same design but each appears to be part of structures created for the park.

Toilets - Southpoint

I still vote to place one additional public toilet just North of Capobianco Field and Grandpa Al Lewis Playground perhaps just under the circular ramp onto and off the Island.

As noted in prior posts the only publicly toilets currently accessible on the Island are located at the Tram station on the Island (ask the operators to unlock the doors) and just across from the FDNY Special Operations Command by the Public Gardens and the Octagon Soccer Field.


  1. as someone who was dealing with four scrambling kids at al lewis - two of whom had to go NOW and one who had a dirty diaper, i second the need for one by motorgate.

  2. There are no plans at the Department of Transportation to install any of the new toilets on Roosevelt Island. None whatsoever. I am not sure if the RIOC ever submitted an spplication, though.