Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily News: Roosevelt I. "A New Look"


The New York Daily News ran today a pretty standard real estate article, today, January 25, 2008, regarding Roosevelt Island hitting all of the basics: buildings, transit, retail, schools, history.

The article, as noted in the image above, is titled "Roosevelt Island: Is this the start of a new look?" This stems from their review of the newer developments of the Octagon and the Riverwalk complex in Southtown.


  1. From the article: P.S./I.S.287 is in the middle of the island between Southtown and Northtown on Main St. Every parent I ran into said something positive about the school.

    Seriously now, how paid this guy off? There were a few too many positive things about Roosevelt Island in this article. It really sounds more like Becker and/or The Related Co paid somebody for some kind words.

  2. well, that's how the real estate/industrial complex works. the gears mesh smoothly to wring profit for the machine owners. we get squeezed.

    i like the end: it could be swell, as long as those nasty types trying to keep it a nice, affordable place to live shut up. don't they realize people need a place to park their hedge fund money, and dock their yachts!!
    "What could look like Catalina Island... " indeed.