Sunday, January 27, 2008

SubChat: Second Ave Subway – Third Phase to Bring “U Train” to Supplement “F Train”?

Prior to today, I had started two threads on SubChat regarding increasing mass transit access to Roosevelt Island. The first focused on the LIRR East Side Access project and the possibility of gaining entrance to the LIRR track below the existing F Subway Train track below the Roosevelt Island. The second was my post regarding the recent letter sent to NYCTA President Roberts calling for a temporary extension and return of the Q train to Roosevelt Island to supplement the F Train.

In both cases the posts lead to some interesting discussions regarding track capacity and some very interesting subway line reconfigurations among the various Queensbound subway lines by all the transit buffs and TA employees who frequent the SubChat site.

Today I found a new discussion thread where the posting party indicated that the Third Phase of the Second Avenue Subway (SAS) project will include a connection to the Second Avenue Subway at 55th Street and Second Avenue which will allow for a new “U” Train that would link up to the existing 63rd Street Tunnel that the F Train runs through connecting Roosevelt Island.

SAS - 55th Street Turnoff

There is nothing stated on the SAS Project pages about this and the posting party’s basis is a small Easterly track turnoff circled on the above SAS map. The idea being that this new U Train would have its Queens terminus at 179th Street along with the F Train. One response doubting this all mocked up a station sign for 179th Street that would make the MTA rethink alphabetic line listings see below.

SAS - 179th St Terminus FU

This is all just fun / conjecture posted for discussion purposes like many of the posts on SubChat but it does beg the question what the 55th Street turnoff is for.
As Craig stated in the comments the folks over at SubChat may be having fun with me regarding my earlier postings there and it would not be the first time but I actually think the initial posting was again written based on these folks loving puzzles and their desire to truly work through what can and cannot work. But again as some of the responses make clear they do not think the needs of 10,000 "possible" subway riders is worthy of affecting subway lines that serve two hundred thousand.


  1. you are aware they are maikng fun of you?

  2. ya know, i do appreciate the handful of guys (and they ARE mostly guys) who honestly tried to think through why some things could or couldn't work.
    sadly, subchat is also full of smart*sses with nothing better to do than call names and throw feces.

    a lot of those guys, the only time they leave mom's basement is when they wide da widdle tunnel choochoos.