Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tram Advisory - Jan. 5th - Film Production

As per the RIOC Advisory webpage:

On Saturday, January 5, a film crew will be occupying one tram car from noon to 6 pm. There will be NO DISRUPTION in tram service, but please be aware that a film shoot will be taking place.
No word yet what film this is for or who the principal actors are. Recall that in the past month we have had Paul Giamatti up at the Octagon and additional filming at 504 Main Street.

Update: 10:30 am
According to Ms. Erica Wilder, RIOC Community Relations Specialist, this weekend's filming is the same production starring Paul Giamatti which had been filming at the Octagon and at the former Lillies School located at 504 Main Street.

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