Thursday, January 24, 2008

EveryBlock Exposes 72 Health Violation Points at Local Restaurant

China 1 Violations - Everyblock

NOTE: Follow Up Visit and Improvements Updated Below

This evening while perusing the EveryBlock web page for Zip Code 10044 I immediately saw that the site had info for one single NYC restaurant inspection on the Island: China One on Dec 27, 2007. Unfortunately for China One and for us is that the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene found nine violations (see above image) for a total of 72 violation points.

China 1 - NYC Health

Following the link provided by EveryBlock to the NYC Health Department web page for China One we learn that the average violation points total is 14 and above 28 requires a follow up visit.

Serendipity III, located on East 60th Street, when it was recently closed down by the DOHMH on November 14th had only 33 violation points but then again they had a mice problem and China One amazingly did not have that.

Kind of makes you think about your food a bit more. When I see their next inspection listed I will post the links here.

UPDATE: Midnight 1/25/08

As noted by the Anonymous commenter the violations and violation points IMPROVED GREATLY upon China One's followup visit by the DOHMH on January 18th. Link HERE. I missed the follow up when I viewed the DOHMH site earlier this evening. The violations dropped down to 2 with a total of 14 violation points. As of today China One is actually doing better than all of the other food establishments on the Island. The link for all Roosevelt Island eateries is HERE.

DOHMH - Points 2008Jan25


  1. According to the Health Department the number of violations for China 1 went down to 2 with a total of 14 points. The follow-up visit was done on 1/18.

    Nonno, btw, has a total of 32 points on the last inspection.

  2. It is just sad to see Nonno's to have such high points when they opened up recently...

    What's funny is that, I was thinking of getting C1Kitchen then after seeing 72 points, i was for Nonno's.

    But after result on 25th, I am for C1Kitchen again...

    It's around 10:45 PM here and I will be going for chinese food in 15 minites ;)

    Thanks for the post and everyBlock website.

  3. I am betting Nonno will have another inspection very shortly and that number will go down. Their inspection was, I believe, also Dec 27 and they were not fully open or open long for business at that point.

  4. Wait, there are 2 Subway Restaurants on Roosevelt Island? Are they only for the hospitals or something?

  5. To be fair to Nonno's, the 12/27 inspection occurred prior to their being open for business. I don't think they started seriving customers until the beginning of 2008.
    Also, during construction of the store, I toured the premises with the owners and saw as well as heard their attention to cleanliness and healthy practices
    Any restaurant in the city is going to have some violations. It is the nature of the business. The key is do they remedy the conditions quickly and competently.