Thursday, January 24, 2008

EveryBlock News Aggregator - Currently Linking Lenox Hill to Roosevelt Island

There is a new news aggregator on the block. It’s EveryBlock. Until this service debuted the big kid on the block was There is also BlogNetNews but they have not yet debuted a New York City page and only present a New York state-wide page.

What a news aggregator does is pull together content from various sources and present it in one location which can be manipulated based on the parameters set by the tags set up by the original content providers and any additional tags assigned by the aggregator.

Both and EveryBlock provide links by zip code to 10044 (OI, EB) for Roosevelt Island. So far the Roosevelt Island neighborhood name is good only on Outside.In but EveryBlock is working on it (EB, OI).
The amusing grouping so far on EveryBlock is their linking Roosevelt Island to Lenox Hill. I have already emailed them to indicate that this grouping will only confuse readers and mix up content that does not go together. Daniel at EveryBlock agreed this needs to be corrected and is working on it.
What is interesting and new about EveryBlock is that they seem to focus, right now, on the news types noted in the above image including building violations, police reports, permits, licenses etc. Check it out as they add content about our Island and the City around us.

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