Sunday, January 6, 2008

Roosevelt Island for Sale - Part 2

Apparently there is a blog related to the Private Islands Online real estate website offering that Montana Roosevelt Island for sale. The blog Islomania is restating the "history" that the Island was bought by Teddy Roosevelt's great great grandfather Frederick.

The problem is that according to I see no great great grandfather for Teddy named Frederick. Also the years don’t seem correct if Teddy was born in 1858. This fact was pointed out to me in the comments to my earlier "For Sale" post. I think Private Islands Online needs to check their history if their are using such info to sell that island and I sent them an e-mail pointing out the discrepancy.

1. Theodore Roosevelt1 [Jr.] (Theodore2 Roosevelt, Cornelius Van Schaack3, James Jacobus4, Jacobus5, Johannes6, Nicholas7, Claes Martenszen8 Van Rosenvelt), son of Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Bulloch, was born in New York, New York, New York 27 Oct 1858.

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