Monday, January 28, 2008

Greater Access to the RIOC Board Nominee Candidates? At RIOC Offices Perhaps? presented today, 1/28/2008, three videos which go far to allow voters learn a bit more about the thre candidates profiled: Erin Feely-Nahem, Jonathan Kalkin , and Lynn Strong-Shinozaki. In addition to Mr. Kalkin’s website “VoteKalkin”, Frank Farance’s own website is due to launch today.

So far as noted in an earlier post Mr. Kalkin is the only candidate to visibly advertise on Main Street with his "WHY" posters. So for the average resident they will know nothing more of the candidate’s other than their Main Street WIRE published statements.

This is a shame as I thought the three PressHD videos did a lot for each candidate. Greater visibility would do all of the candidates a lot of good. Where Ms. Strong-Shinozaki tried to find a public venue to sit and perhaps meet with voters but perhaps this attempt did not go far enough.

Granted residents, who are interested, can show up on Saturday night, February 2nd for the second candidate’s night, but perhaps RIOC should make available space each evening in their offices, through Feb. 5th, where Candidates could sit and be available for those residents who want a one on one experience?

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  1. I can only come up with two candidates that I think are actually able to do the job. How are we going to fill six seats? Even though this is small town politics one should be more prepared than "I am willing to learn." Also, get yer butts over to RIOC meetings and get familiar with the turf! I was really set back when I heard that almost nobody ever went to one.