Thursday, January 3, 2008

Roosevelt Island's First Vote for Direct Representation - A Month Away

Today's Iowa caucuses made me think about own "election" for positions on the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation's Board of Directors scheduled for just over one month from today. As Dick Lutz writes as Editor of the Main Street WIRE the turnout needed for Governor Spitzer to take this election seriously must be impressive.

This is our first oportunity at direct representation on this Island and we must exercise this newly provided right or else it may never be provided to us again. We live in probably the only part of New York State that is not represented and controlled by direct elections. After many years of fighting through the efforts of RIRA and public opinion broadcast through the WIRE we have the ability to change history.

So when your neighbor comes knocking on your door asking you to vote please get up out of your chair and make history. It's a heck of lot easier than dumping British Tea into the East River especially if the weather is anything like today.

And while you are voting for our RIOC rep on February 5th you might as well vote for your favorite U.S. Presidential candidate in the primary also being held that day.

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