Thursday, January 10, 2008

Congestion Pricing & Roosevelt Island Car Owners. Non-Issue?

Congestion Bridge Pic

Do Roosevelt Island car owners drive their cars on a frequent basis into Manhattan during rush hour? Will the proposal to change the “border” from 86th Street to 60th Street make any difference?

How would it work if you drive over the bridge and head straight on East 60th Street itself but then make a right hand turn onto one of the avenues heading North would you avoid the charge? This question would apply to anyone coming over the Bridge not just Roosevelt Island drivers. I have not seen the answer on any of the site and articles so far.

Conceivably some residents do drive their cars into Manhattan during the rush and business hours. Is it a high percentage? Very unlikely. One of the reasons residents live here is to take advantage of the mass transit we have and the proximity to Manhattan. But I am sure somebody on the Island worries about these issues.


  1. One of the proposals is to eliminate the parking tax exemption for Manhattan residents. That would presumably include Roosevelt Islanders. Motorgate is cheaper than Manhattan garages, but the tax would add maybe $20-$30 a month for most who park there.

  2. I am a huge proponent of congestion pricing. Anybody who enters Manhattan should pay. Get those cars out of an already overcrowded city.

    I love the way many European cities keep cars out of the city centers: pedestrian-only zones. Only delivery trucks can enter during certain hours. During other times only public transportation and pedestrians are allowed (that excludes taxis and bicycles also). I love that concept and places like Harold Square, Times Square, Washington Square Park area, Chinatown/Little Italy, most of the financial district could take advantage of such an arrangement.