Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick Updates: The Fourth Floor & Roosevelt Island

I still don’t have the answer as to why the opening sequence of “The Fourth Floor” includes video filmed from within the Tram looking out as it docks at Manhattan’s Tramway Plaza but I can say that Andy the main character has traveled to Roosevelt Island.

I’ll let you see yourself how Andy got to Roosevelt Island by inviting you to view Episode 4 below. Unfortunately the method used was a one way experience and Andy had to walk back to Manhattan as he did not have a Metrocard or money for one. I am also not sure why neither he nor his traveling companion thought of taking the Tram back. I will say that if I had the power to travel to Roosevelt Island in this manner at night I’d take it. Beats taking the subway that's for sure.

After you view the episode take a look at the header for each of the Fourth Floor web pages and you'll note a subtitle that relates to the transportation method used in this episode. Kind of makes you wonder if someone in this group lives here on Roosevelt Island.

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  1. We can't give away all of our secrets, but it's safe to say that Andy was not expecting to be teleported out of the office at that moment, and had left his wallet safely locked away in his desk.

    No metrocard + no money = no tram ride for Andy. Which is unfortunate, because he missed out on some spectacular, opening-theme-worthy views.

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