Friday, December 28, 2007

Does Roosevelt Island Lose Subway Service in One Direction Every Weekend?

Subway Advisory - 2007_Dec29-30_graphic count

Based on the year and a half that I have lived on the Island it sure feels like we lose partial service every weekend. I can’t say for sure as I only started this blog this past summer and I have only began keeping an image file of each week’s service advisory a few months ago.

The old year closes out and the new year begins with service disruptions both weekends just to be consistent and to make us appreciate the Tram even more. With all the track work being done that affects the 63rd Street Tunnel corridor they better be done by 2009, when theTram is off line, or RIOC and the MTA better come up with a plan of what to do.

I heard a rumor that if RIOC provides Red Bus (RI Surface Transit) off the Island for this Tram shutdown it will not be 60th Street but to another Queens subway stop. Theoretically that makes sense as the traffic over the 59th Street Bridge was sometimes terrible but I don’t like the idea of being deposited at desolate station late at night to only then wait for subway service at track level.

As noted on the above and below subway advisories I plan on keeping track throughout 2008 to monitor how many weekends Roosevelt Island loses service? All I can say is the MTA is smart not to archive these notices on line as I am sure it would show how badly they have disrupted straphanger lives by all these outages.

Subway Advisory - 2008_Jan5-7 - Count Graphic

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  1. not all of the posted weekends had disruptions; specifically, the last few weekends before christmas were normal. i'd imagine they will be normal this weekend. after that...