Friday, August 31, 2007

Starting Oct. 1st - Abrasive Blasting Paint Removal on Roosevelt Island Bridge

Bridge Lead Paint Blasting Notice

Starting on October 1, 2007 or soon thereafter contractors will begin abrasive blasting procedures to remove the paint on the RI Bridge. The blasting per the 30 day notice posted today on the RIOC advisory webpage indicates that the blasting will be fully contained to protect the public. Per the Reconstruction Project brochure (which was stuffed in the plastic containing a recent Main Street Wire) vehicle and pedestrian access across the bridge will be maintained at all times.


The blasting process is scheduled to be completed by August 2009 (not 2008 but 2009) and could conceivably be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This statement is not stated in the brochure which indicates that general work will be between 7am and 7pm. So for the folks living on Main Street facing the bridge be prepared for noise along the lines of the abrasive blasting noise one hears by the 59th Street Bridge.


  1. Did they finished work, now? I´m going to Roosevelt Island next month and would like to visit the bridge!

  2. It appears that the blasting is done as they are replacing the decking and already painting the superstructures.