Thursday, August 16, 2007

Riverwalk Playground: Believed Safe for Now


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According to Donna Masly, of RIOC’s Program Services group, the “Riverwalk” toddler playground appears to not be slated for Related’s wrecking ball when the last three Southtown buildings begin to be built on the Eastern side of Main Street. Ms. Masley’s belief is based on her conferring with RIOC’s resident engineering staff. The engineer stressed to Ms. Masley that it is his belief the playground is safe for the immediate future but that could change.

Once construction begins we will see what happens but for now our swing loving babies and toddlers can rest easy for perhaps nine months before the two current buildings are completed. My bet is Related starts any new buildings closest to the toddler playground based on their track record on the Western side of Main Street but this is purely a guess. If we are lucky and the site is close to the playground perhaps all the heavy work, causing the playground to be blocked off, would be in the Winter months. Again this is all conjecture.

Thank you Donna for the update.

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