Friday, August 31, 2007

Can an F Train Report Card Get Us More Trains?

The NY Times is reporting that based on the report card given by riders of the 7 Train that the number of trains running, before and after rush hour, will be increased as train overcrowding was the number one complaint reported. I am not sure how this helps as the complaints probably refer to rush hour but at least it is a step forward for 7 Train riders. Second Ave Sagas has the complete 7 Train report card.

I would have to guess the F Train would do no better in the overcrowding department as rated by Roosevelt Island rush hour riders.

f train report card - partial item list

I have not heard anywhere on any front how and when the MTA will report on the status of the on-line rider report cards the MTA has set up for all lines (discussed previously here). All I have heard about via the blogs are reports regarding the paper report cards distributed and collected for a few select lines.

Roosevelt Island commuters let’s not wait for paper surveys to be distributed. Make your voice heard and go to the MTA’s on-line survey for the F Train and start making some noise. Starting Tuesday the truth that Summer is over will be evident once you hit that platform and you know it will not be pretty.

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