Friday, August 10, 2007

If it’s Not Rain It’s Trackwork – Either Way Roosevelt Island Subway Riders Suffer

The NY Times reported today the following regarding F Train service:

"Earlier today, as of 5:59 a.m., because of track work at the 21st Street-Queensbridge station in Long Island City, Queens, Brooklyn-bound F trains are running on the V line from the 36th Street station in Queens to the 47th-50th Streets-Rockefeller Center station in Midtown Manhattan. The F line was bypassing these stations: 21st Street-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Avenue-63rd Street and 57th Street. "

As I took the Tram today at about 8:30 am I noticed no mob exodus from the Subway station walking to the Tram or lines at the Tram so I am assuming the track work concluded prior to rush hour. Later NY Times updates and the
MTA website show no indications as to what time the track work was cleared. With our luck the continuing rains will flood out the F Train somewhere causing delays and disruptions for the evening rush.

Anybody have a shovel where we can start a new tunnel down to the N, R or E trains under the island. The
Roosevelt Islander continues his posts regarding Ferry service. We need alternatives. I think this is the last weekend of three in a row that track work disruptions cause no Queens bound service stops on the island.

I have not heard anything in a while about the idea of rebuilding a staircase up the 59th Street Bridge. Does anybody have info on that? Back on April 8, 2007 the NY Times ran a piece titled “
A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough for Some” where the reporter, Emily Brady, discussed the direct access proposition. I need to go back to the last Main Street Wire (Issue 2722 - July 28, 2007) and check the RIRA column by Matthew Katz. The graphics, provided above, were amusing but the article title always seemed to me like it was saying we wanted the bridge to be “further” away as opposed to being more accessible.

Rainy days in New York City no longer will just be messy but rather for some time to come bring fears of being stranded with few too options. Thank heaven for the Tram.

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