Monday, August 6, 2007

DOT: Roosevelt Island Bridge Listed as "Fair"

Based on the NYC DOT’s 2006 Annual Report on the condition of NYC’s bridges the Roosevelt Island Bridge is listed as FAIR. According to the report approximately 58% of all “structures” fall into this category which is the largest category percentage wise. Granted learning the only constant source of egress from the island is only listed as “fair” is not great news but we should expect that within the next few years that the rating should jump to “Very Good”. This is due to the fact that the bridge will soon begin a major reconstruction project.

Per the 2006 report:

The reconstruction of the bridge is scheduled to start in March 2007. The estimated construction duration will be a total of 36 months with approximately 8 months’ lead time. The project’s scope of work includes rehabilitation of the existing mechanical and all of the electrical systems for the lift span, rehabilitation of the bridge operator house, installation of safety fences on the sidewalk, replacement of the street lighting, resurfacing of the approach roadways, installation of pigeon proofing systems and repainting the entire structure. The project will also include the installation of a dedicated right hand turn into southbound Vernon Boulevard in Queens, and the construction of a new back-up generator building under the Queens approach.

The aspects I am most excited about are the resurfacing of the sidewalks and the safety fences. Sometimes when walking over the bridge the sidewalks on the span just seem shaky and some segments of the fence are just to wide for my liking when traveling with kids.

I can't say if they actually started in March but the only activity I have seen is the construction of the trailers on the RI side of the span equivalent to the 4th level of Metropark and the staircase they built from that side down to the ground.

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