Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Decreasing Open Spaces

For those islanders who have been here since the 1970's probably the greatest change has been watching more and more open space disappear to construction. From apartment buildings to the construction of P.S. / I.S. 217 the percentage of open space or undeveloped space has dramatically dropped.

When Southtown is completed the remaining large scale open spaces will include only 6 major areas with only 4 currently open to the public. These six include Lighthouse Park, Octagon Park, Capobianco Field, Blackwell's Park (opposite Blackwell House and adjacent to Riveercross), the lands between and around the Renwick Ruin and Strecker Lab and finally Southpoint Park.

We have yet to see the realization of Southpoint Park as envisoned by the Trust for Public Lands or that of the FDR memorial but each promises vistas and experiences of parkland that offer quiet spaces as well as venues where we all will gather for events and ceremonies. We look forward to the dreams each envision even if we might disagree with perhaps the design of these spaces (I.e. The FDR Memorial).

For now I offer the above video of the open field just East of the current Southtown buildings as within the next year it will be another construction site and another space lost to public and quiet enjoyment.


  1. Even when the construction is done and over we will still be left with more green and open space than any other neighborhood in NYC.

  2. You are quite correct. Thank you for your comment. - ES