Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can Facebook Help my Morning Commute off Roosevelt Island?

Facebook F Train Graphic

The Subway Blogger reported yesterday Wed. 8/23 (and New York Magazine Intel blog picked up the story today Thursday 8/24) on a new feature on Facebook that is tracks the status of subway lines. The feature is totally user driven and dependent on members constantly feeding updates into the system.

Using the F train to get off the island on rainy days will probably based on recent history get only worse. We are at the mercy of track conditions in Queens and Manhattan (and to a much lesser degree Brooklyn). If it floods we risk losing service or at least being horribly delayed. So I am always looking for ways to better monitor subway for morning and evening commutes to and from Roosevelt Island. Perhaps this is another tool that will help.

All I know about Facebook is that it is the current "in thing" on the Internet especially among the young and single crowd. So if something exists I will try it. My only guess is that if it is something you have to always be at your PC to use it will be no help when commuting. If the updates can be sent to my Blackberry that would be helpful but who needs 30 emails from a bunch of kids using the feature as another way to hook up with each other. I will post again if this is helpful or at least interesting.

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  1. I've been meaning to comment on this. Seems like a fascinating idea - I love the way information can be shared using the internet. Just wonder if it works in this case.