Friday, August 17, 2007

MTA: You Can Grade the F Subway Line

f train report card - partial item list

The MTA has a series of 3 web pages where subway riders can complete a 21 item report card on the subway line of their choice. The “grader” first picks the line they want to grade and then station they commence their rush hour commute from. After grading the subway line on 21 separate areas the grader gets to pick the three areas (out of the 21 listed areas) they want most to see improved in order. There appears to be nothing to keep riders from voting / grading a single line more than one time.

The starting page to grade the F subway line can be linked to HERE.

If enough residents of Roosevelt Island submit this report card indicating the areas they see as problems we can at least make our voice heard that we have issues with the quality of our morning rush hour from the Roosevelt Island Station.

The problem with the Report Card is that it does not give automatic cumulative results and there is no indication when, if at all, the results would be made public. I will follow up with the Straphangers Campaign to see what they know about whether the results can be made known under the freedom of information laws.

For your benefit I encourage readers to complete the Report Card and let me know in the comments section to this post which areas you rated as the most in need of improvement. My own top three picks were # 3, # 2, and # 6 in that order (see the graphic above).

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