Wednesday, August 15, 2007

East River Tidal Energy: Videos Regarding Turbine Removals

Each of these videos relate to the story from Tuesday where it was reported that Verdant Power has removed its turbines from the East River’s East Channel as the tides are stressing the bolts holding the propeller blades and the blades themselves. Earlier this year the tides destroyed several blades causing Verdant Power to upgrade the blades to those now being removed.

It is also reported that a second entity, Oceana, has been granted the necessary license and/or permits to begin tidal energy tests just North of Roosevelt Island within the Hell’s Gate section of the East River.

NY1 Video Story

For the NY1 video once connected you will need to link through the connection speed icon on the NY1 webpage to get a quicker connection.

New York Times Video

This is another link to the NY Times video I mentioned the other day. I thought it appropriate to post these together.

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