Friday, August 3, 2007

Southpoint Movie Night Aug. 4 - "Happy Feet" + "Kiosk Video"

This Saturday night RIOC presents, at Southpoint Park, the toe tapping animated adventure “Happy Feet”. The theme this week is family night and voters selected Happy Feet above the other entries. We voted for Nemo as we thought watching fish with water around us would be appropriate. But unlike American Idol where viewers can call in numerous times this process was vote via email.

So if you are not already on Roosevelt Island come on over for the 9:00 pm showing as its free to all whether you live here or not.

Plus Kiosk Visitors Center Video:

And if all works out the newsreel being shown will be about the RIHS Visitors Center Kiosk and how it moved onto Roosevelt Island. This video was compiled by none other than me. I am hoping it translates well to the big screen.

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  1. In your question about what residents would prefer to have/see in this community, or what residents think is most important to this community, none of the items you've listed are mutually exclusive. But, without an ability to have a voice on direct representation on the RIOC Board none of these items can be addressed satisfactorily, as we already know through twenty years of experience. Enfranchising tax paying residents in order directly elect the RIOC Board members whose job it is to oversee RIOC management would certainly be first among these choices, as that voice would obviously affect all those decisions made regarding the community.