Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pedestrian Safety Fencing Planned for Roosevelt Island Bridge

When I first read the pamphlets and DOT webpage about the Roosevelt Island Bridge reconstruction I took the phrase new “pedestrian safety fencing” to refer to the railing of the bridge. I have always been concerned about my kids walking alongside the rail and either dropping toys down to the water or falling through themselves.

It was only after reading the phrase again that I realized it refers to a fence separating pedestrians from passing cars and trucks. OK, I should have realized that from the get go. It never made sense how the original designers (Knappen Tippetts Abbott Engineering Company of NYC) of a bridge projected to expect 640 vehicle crossings a day felt that a pedestrian safety fence was not necessary in the first place. One of the central goals for NYC was that the new bridge would replace the upside-down building and relieve some of the congestion caused by cars and trucks exiting onto and from the bridge to that structure.

This morning I spoke briefly with the community liaison for the reconstruction project and explained I was interested in learning more about the pedestrian fence and the exterior railing. I hope to learn more.

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