Monday, August 20, 2007

A Video Post Card of Roosevelt Island Retailers

I don’t pretend to understand the legalities and all of the issues involved in bringing more retail / store front operations onto the island specifically into Northtown. The reasons, suggestions, and arguments have all been discussed at length in The Wire.

I do know that while many residents want Main Street to retain its charm many are looking for the ability to shop on our island for many of the conveniences most neighborhoods take for granted. The opening in Southtown of the Italian restaurant and Duane Reade for many will be a welcome addition to their daily lives.

The attached video is not so much an advertisement for the businesses that currently are here but a video snapshot or postcard for what we have today. For a complete phone and address listing please go to the NYC10044 website.

By my tally we currently have:

3 markets/convenience (Gristedes, M&D, The Octagon Deli), 1 restaurant (Trellis), 1 take out / sit in Chinese (China 1), 2 cleaners, 3 salon / nails, 1 coffee place (Starbucks), 2 pharmacies (Gristedes and the expected Duane Reade), 1 stationery card store / newsstand, 1 thrift shop, 1 general store (hardware/videos/housewares/toys), 1 florist (Cymelia), 1 liquor store (The Grog Shop), 1 boutique (We Are One), 3 financial services (NYNB, Accountable, Montauk Credit Union), 1 pro shop, 1 souvenir / historical center, several professional service providers (doctors, dentist, chiropractor), and 1 art gallery (RIVAA).

If I have left out any specific businesses my apologies. As I walked today to my office I was talking with a friend who lives in Southtown and we both agreed the developments at Southtown are encouraging and we can’t wait for the Duane Reade to open (between the ATM and the shear convenience) as it will be a major addition to the island.

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