Monday, August 13, 2007

New Roosevelt Island Visitor's Survival Kit

On my way home through the Manhattan tram station I found something new. RIOC, RIRA, and the WIRE together have published a Roosevelt Island Survival Guide which is essentially the map published in the Wire's last issue presented in a tri-fold laminated brochure style. It is a great idea long overdue.

The question is who named the island "the little apple"?All parties should be commended on this great brochure.

Can we take it a step further and create a similiar brochure in conjunction with the RIHS and send packets of them to Citywide tourist kiosks to promote the island?


  1. Here is an article about Roosevelt Island in the Time magazine from 1976. It says that Roosevelt Island "might be called the Little Apple."

    The I found also this blog entry that tries to explain how the name came to existence. Very interesting reading. There is also a link to an entry on about Roosevelt Island.

    But then, Manhattan, Kansas, calls itself Little Apple also.

    Thanks for the blog entry. Looking for references about Little Apple was fun.

  2. Very cool comment. Still being a "newbie" I love learning info like this.