Thursday, August 9, 2007

Roosevelt Island Bridge Test Opening Switched to Friday Aug. 10

Per RIOC’s advisory page the NYC DOT has [re]scheduled the test openings for this Friday. So either the DOT recognized the risk of a stuck bridge with subway issues affecting access to Roosevelt Island or their EMS unit never got to the island.

It did not make sense to me that they had to wait for a specific EMS unit when we have the FDNY Special Operations Command (“SOC”) on the Island. If anything you’d think the SOC would move some of its trucks off island in case of an emergency somewhere else in the City that they’d need to get to if the bridge became stuck open.

DOT fact page about the bridge includes a section on past openings (test and vessel) but this section stopped being updated after 1998. I guess no one was finding the info useful or interesting enough so they stopped updating it.

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  1. The FDNY Special Ops does not have an ambulance or fire trucks. They are not EMTs, they are scuba divers essentially. They are not trained, nor do they have equipment to put out fires. That is why, whenever the RB is in use, we are supposed to always have an ambulance and fire truck on this Island. I don’t think you need to worry about there being enough emergency first responders in the City. We are an Island and entitled to adequate protection in case of an emergency while the RB is in use.