Monday, August 6, 2007

Roosevelt Island as a Battlefield ?

I stumbled across a web page where a game of "Capture of the Flag" is being described. Not a big deal but in this case the players are using Roosevelt Island as their battlefield. Not all of the island but the areas North of Eastwood up to just short of Lighthouse Park.

For the most part the idea of non-residents coming here to play is certainly welcome. But I was bothered by the statement "Our tactics included jumping down to the river front and climbing the rocks along the East River". A few weeks ago I was walking with my kids on the West promenade behind PS 217 when we saw a group of teenagers jump the sea wall fence to go down onto the rocks. I have no idea if these kids were playing this "Flag" game but my 5 year old son asked when he can go down on the rocks. I said never.

Now again I have no problem with people inventing or adapting games to be played here. But as visitors please act responsibly and don't include actions that our kids may try to emulate possibly causing them to get hurt. Feel free to continue your "games" but just do it responsibly.

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