Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roosevelt Island Branch - NY Public Library - 8/15-8/20



The one of the greatest resources any community can provide its citizenry is a library. As residents of NYC we are lucky enough to have access to one of the greatest library systems in the world. When we moved to island one of the selling points to us was the existence of the Roosevelt Island Branch Library located at 524 Main Street.

The ability to take out books literally from a branch right on our own street was something that was a big deal to us. Now with the branch hours open six days a week the library is even more accessible to everyone.


Over the next several days the library is hosting every day a different program for children ranging from “Reading Aloud” to “Summer Crafts” to “Book Bingo”. The hours and age ranges are noted in the graphic provided here and on the Branch website.


Our branch is quite active and it is rare I have not seen many individuals inside taking advantage of this great gift we are given by NYC.

The only downsides we have are that for a library to adequately serve a community the library needs to grow and ours is bound by the four walls that limits its growth. One factor that mitigates this is the ability to reserve books not kept in our branch’s permanent collection from other branches citywide. Perhaps one day another space would become available that would allow the library to expand not only its current facility but the community as a whole (perhaps the former Lillies School building).

Another downside is that if nature calls one must leave the library as the staff does not make the lavatory available to the public due to either concerns of safety (they store their cleaning agents in the bathroom) or fear that the library would be used simply as a lavatory and create a stream of guests who would not be there otherwise disrupting the library’s primary function.

Overall we have a great resource in our neighborhood branch library and we should all take advantage of it. For it to be granted greater resources I am sure it’s continued and expanded use play major factors. So do better by yourself and stop by and make your voice heard that this is a place that matters to you.

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  1. There once was a rumor that the thrift store next door would move and that the library would get that space. Since nothing has happened as of yet, I assume it indeed is a rumor.

    Btw, I am glad that the NYPL got more funding to open an additional day per week. It's great that they are open on Tuesdays now, too.