Thursday, August 2, 2007

Will we lose the “Riverwalk” toddler playground to construction of a Riverwalk building?

Again, I look at a lot of the infrastructure and facilities of Roosevelt Island from the vantage point of raising young children here. Certainly it was the defined nature and openness of the island that helped draw us to moving to the island.

When The Main Street Wire first ran a map outlining the full footprint of the Riverwalk buildings in Southtown I became concerned about whether the only true toddler playground with swings will become history and be lost to one of the last three buildings expected to be constructed next year. Granted we are at a minimum of 9 plus months away from anything actually happening but questions shoudl always be asked early.

Again this may seem trivial compared to other matters of importance on Roosevelt Island but if the island expects to draw more young families or expect them to stay schools and playgrounds are high in importance to these families.

I have posed the question to RIOC and expect to do the same with The Related Companies. I am unsure whether RIOC funds or Related funds were used to build this playground but if the cash was from Related and after they sell their buildings using the playground as a selling point its destruction due to a building would be a bait and switch where our kids will be the loser.

I am hoping the playground will survive and this column was written for nothing. But unless residents make noise about their concerns don’t be surprised if things you take for granted are gone one day.

8/6 Update: I have added the rendering of the completed Riverwalk complex showing by the red arrow where the park sits currently.

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  1. I think Roosevelt Island has a good number of playgrounds already. If they are going to get rid of the one you are talking about I sure hope some other playground is going to get swings (that's the only thing that makes that playground stand out). The playground with the sprinklers behind Eastwood surely needs a make-over. That would be an opportunity to erect a swing set there.

    All that said, I have one complaint about many of the playgrounds on RI. They don't offer much shade. The only one that is bearable in the summer is the one at the Octagon. All the other ones are smoldering hot in the afternoon.