Friday, August 17, 2007

Capobianco Field, Roosevelt Island - A Single Purpose Map

I have noticed for some that many of our visitors show up on Roosevelt Island looking for Capobianco Field but have no idea where it is. For those that travel over via the Tram that are smart enough to pick up the new Roosevelt Island Visitor's Guide they will have the Main Street Wire map and not look so befuddled when the Tram touches down on the island.

But what do the visitors do that arrive by subway? Well until The Wire convinces the MTA to allow them to put up a distribution board or a large version of the map (on the subway info board - replicating the standard "you are here" signs most stations have) I am providing this single purpose image of the map detailing where Capobianco Field is in reference to the subway.

So Play Ball (after you find your way to your game that is). And afterwards perhaps have a drink or bite to eat here on the island. I am sure your company would cover the expenses.

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