Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Proposal to House 70,000 on [Roosevelt] Island

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OK, so it was a 1961 proposal. I thought it would be fun to bring back excerpts from various historical articles detailing plans considered by New York City or simply proposed to New York City regarding the use and planning for Roosevelt Island prior to NYS leasing this place for 99 years and embarking on the current “utopia” we now live in.

I especially like the segments about the number of amenities and proposed transportation on and off the island for 70,000 people. I can’t imagine the lines for the elevators up to the 59th Street Bridge.

As a graduate of SUNY-Albany the concept of building the structures atop a two level concourse which would house retail and services is not so far fetched as this is what was done on that university campus and part of NYS’s capital complex. The number of schools and libraries sounds great as well. Perhaps this can be tried during the island’s next iteration.

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