Sunday, August 5, 2007

8/4 - A Hot Day for More Than Just Roosevelt Island's Human Residents

August 4th was a hot day to be out in the sun on Roosevelt Island so we retreated from the Southtown toddler park to the shade and cool water of the sprinklers behind Blackwell House. While there we ran into a little dog named Izzy who needed cooling off as much as we did. He just got into the water and decided to chill out. We're not saying we want every local dog to join in our fun. For health reasons alone it would not be a good idea but we empathized with this little guy and just had to take his picture to remember him by.

Stay cool Izzy !


  1. I know that guy. Last time I saw him at the sprinklers with his dog he asked the kids to stop splashing around for a moment because his dog needed to get used to the water. I thought it was a little odd.

  2. My kids were splashing and the dog seemed fine with it.

  3. Hello,
    I am "that guy" and just FYI, when ever there are children around that ask if they can pet Izzy or try to approach him to fast I ask that that don't right away. I also ask that they ask their parents if it is OK to pet the dog. This just seems like common sense that parents should not just let their children run up to a strange dog for any reason. Izzy is a nice dog that has never showed any aggression towards children or adults, but he is in fact a dog and I don't ever want there to be a first time. So, if I offended you by asking your children to not splash the dog I am sorry. It was for their safety so that the dog could get used to them and the water. Thanks