Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Young Advocacy Pays - Sidwalk Protrusion Fixed

Photo courtesy The Main Street WIRE

About a week ago I ran a post in response to a Curbed post where it was stated by Joey that it must be depressing for kids to grow up on Roosevelt Island. the whole thing started you may recall when the Roosevelt Islander ran a post that two local kids wrote to RIOC President Stephen Shane informing him of a piece of metal sidewalk molding that was sticking out which they were concerned would hurt somebody.

Well as expected the photo above is now available where Steve Shane posed with the kids demonstrating that advocacy works and the kid's letter did not go unanswered. Just like their dad they are learning that speaking up for the public's benefit pays off. But the real question is now whether the kids got child size versions of the snazzy RIOC fleece that Mr. Shane is sporting.

In all seriousness thank you to Mr. Shane for showing these kids and all of the local kids that civic pride is worth it and being a member of the community is looking out for one another.

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